The “Maison du diable”* is the cultural center of the Fellini Foundation and is owned the “Bourgeoisie” of Sion. Over two floors it stages exhibitions relating to the works of Fellini or to movements in cinema and also hosts works by international photographers working in film.

A number of lectures, projections and events are also organized in the cultural center, especially in the projection room in the basement of the building. Discover our many cultural activities for young and old alike.

* The dwelling Domus Supersaxo ruris, now a heritage site, was built in 1515 by Georges Supersaxo, Governor of the Valais. Owned by the Bourgeoisie of Sion, it was entrusted in 2011 to the Fellini Foundation for its cultural center. It takes its curious local nickname from a popular old legend according to which the Devil was defeated by the good folk of Sion. In the 17th century the Domus Supersaxo ruris served as a residence for the ambassadors of the King of France visiting the Valaisan Republic, which at that time was independent.