"Daniel Schweizer is already one of a small number of men and women who, through their images and texts, are committed to fighting what I would call a whitewashing of the whole of America, an ethno-genocide, perhaps the greatest in history."

René Fuerst, ethnologist





Based in Sion for more than 10 years, Daniel Schweizer is an anthropologist, director of engaged documentaries and teacher at the Head (Haute école d'Art et de Design)
in Geneva. He was first known for his series of documentaries
on right-wing extremism in Europe (Skin or Die (2003), Skinhead Attitude (2003) and White Terror (2005) ) before turning his attention to the social, cultural and economic problems of the Amazon (Brazil, Surinam, Guyana, Peru). It is this part of his documentary work, criticizing the links between the gold trade, Switzerland and the delicate situation of the last indigenous peoples of Amazonia, that the Fellini Foundation presents in its new exhibition at the Maison du diable.


EXHIBITION FROM 08.10.2022 TO 15.01.2023 Wednesday to Sunday from 2 to 5 pm


Students, unemployed, disabled and AVS Fr.4.-

Adults Fr.6.-

MAISON DU DIABLE, ESPACE CULTUREL DE LA FONDATION FELLINI Rue des Creusets 31 - 1950 Sion / t. +41 27 565 29 89