The Fellini Foundation has just learned with sadness the death of the great American photographer STEVE SCHAPIRO.

Three years ago, the Fellini Foundation hosted the exhibition American Icons which presented a series of extraordinary prints taken by Steve Schapiro on the shoots of the greatest films of the 60s to 80s including the mythical Taxi Driver by Martin Scorsese. Part of the exhibition also featured reportage photographs taken during the years of the civil rights struggle in the United States.

It was an honor to hold one of the last exhibitions of this icon of world photography in Sion!

I remember a man of great gentleness, human, listening to people, with that mischievous smile and that sparkling eye ready to "draw" his Nikon that he always kept at hand... I remember the women's strike in Sion, the day after our opening, in which Steve Schapiro absolutely wanted to participate. I remember running behind you, the 85 year old, fearlessly diving into the crowd and coming out with beautiful portraits of women in struggle, while the journalists from RTS were also trying to follow you for a report on you. What a fabulous moment! (see RTS report in link).

Your Masterclass with the students of the Atelier du regard du Collège des Creusets also remains in our memory as a privileged moment that only art can offer.

If where you are, Steve, there are political, social or cultural struggles, sure you are already running around to pursue your passion!

Our condolences to the family of Steve Schapiro

Nicolas Rouiller

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