The Fellini Foundation for Cinema owns a collection of some 15,000 documents, photographs, drawings, screenplays and original film footage by Federico Fellini as well as a hundred directors including Robert Altman, Francesco Rosi, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Richard Donner, Nikita Mikhalkov, Jean-Luc Godard, Denis Rabaglia, etc.


More specifically, the collection devoted to the works of Fellini contains:


– film scripts
– 800 on-set photographs
– 100 drawings
– 300 posters
– 1500 letters and items from shoots (clapperboards from Amarcord and Casanova), sets (E la Nave va and Casanova), costumes (Casanova), etc.
– 5000 documents from the press and productions (articles, reviews, budgets and shooting schedules, etc.)
– 500 monographs
– several complete collections of reviews (Cahiers du cinema), slide shows, teaching aids etc.

This unique collection has been entirely indexed and the main items digitalized to make them available to the public (visits are possible on request).