Some artists are inspired by the street, the mountains, nature or build their universe in their own studio. Philippe Antonello has succeeded in making his passion, cinema, his playground, his own landscape. For almost thirty years, from Switzerland to Italy and now in the United States, the cinema set has become for Antonello, his muse, his inspiration, the breath of his art. And as if in a game of infinite mirrors, the artist-photographer, by taking inspiration from another art, has succeeded, from film to film, through his glances, his snapshots of fiction, behind the story of others, in writing his own story, his own cinema. Yes, behind the scenes, in BTS, Philippe Antonello transcends film sets into works of art in their own right.

Both retrospective and contemporary, the exhibition presents, in a series of prints, Philippe Antonello's atypical and extraordinary journey from Geneva to New York.


Nicolas Rouiller
Curator of the exhibition