The Fellini Foundation is organizing the IMAGINE exhibition in order to underline its will to denounce the war that today strikes the Ukraine today strikes the Ukraine and upsets the whole world, by a major crisis and unprecedented on such a scale since the Second World War. As a foundation that has long been committed to cultural and humanitarian cultural and humanitarian projects, present at the United Nations in Geneva, with the exhibition Fellini Genius of Humanity - A tribute to Human Rights (2019) in partnership with Italy and the UN on the occasion of Italy's entry into the United Nations Human Rights Council, the Fellini Foundation is honored to propose an exhibition bringing together the greatest masters of cinema committed to denouncing war and promoting peace: first Chaplin with The Great Dictator, Kubrick with Paths of Glory and Doctor Strangelove, and finally Benigni with La Vita è bella. The exhibition space will also be open to other directors illustrating such a subject.

The exhibition presents a selection of photographs and original movie posters on the theme of peaceas well as illustrations and animations created for the occasion by the Ukrainian artist Dasha Daineko (Pepperoni Beetle).