la Dolce Vita, Barral édition
la Dolce Vita, Barral édition

La Dolce Vita

By Sam Stourdzé

As we prepare to celebrate the fifty years since the release of La Dolce Vita (1960), La Dolce Vita, l’Album revisits one of the masterpieces of cinema with facsimiles of the shooting albums, together forming a unique and fascinating document. The album brings together almost 1,000 original photographs. At the time some were used to promote the film, others to illustrate reports and interviews, but most have never before been shown. Accompanying the albums are notes by Sam Stourdzé and illustrations taken for the most part from the press at the time which reveal the sources of inspiration for Federico Fellini. One discovers, for example, that a series of photographs published in the review Tempo immortalize Anita Ekberg in her night-time bathing in the Trevi Fountain… two years before la Dolce Vita!

Photographic collaboration.


Edition 2009
ISBN: 978-2-915173-47-5