Flash Back & Forward is a retrospective exposition dedicated to the 20 years of activities of the Fellini Foundation in Switzerland and in the world, and to the 10 years of exhibitions at the Maison du diable (MDD), Cultural Space of the Fellini Foundation in Sion.

18.02. - 1.05.2022

Maison du diable

Rue des creusets 31  


ME - Sun 

14h - 18h   


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Flash back & forward simultaneously celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the Fellini Foundation and the 10th Anniversary of the Devil's House/Cultural Space of the Foundation in Sion. Illustrated by the new acquisitions of the Foundation's Collection and the reminder of a hundred or so events and exhibitions in Switzerland and around the world, the tour offers visitors the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the activities that have motivated this all-encompassing cultural commitment, which is now internationally recognized: the conservation of cinema heritage; a cultural program present in the space of the Devil's House in Sion, prestigious museums, film festivals, galleries and international institutions such as the Palais des Nations at the UN and the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels; support for various educational and research programs; investment in cultural engineering (Interactive Magazine for Ipad, Fellini Wall Concept with NTU University in Singapore).


By setting up humanitarian projects linked to culture, the Fellini Foundation and the Devil's House have never stopped defending a dialogue of cultures open to diversity. Some of the most important artists of our time have also reminded us of the role of crossroads of the arts that cinema implies since its birth more than a century ago:  Maurice Béjart, Johan de Meij, Michel Butor, David Lynch, Pedro Almodovar as well as photographers Paul Ronald, Stephanie Cornfield, Laura Vasconi, Xavier Lambours, Patrick Swirc, Steve Schapiro and Philippe Antonello have contributed to make the Fellini Foundation and the Devil's House poles of competence in visual culture and spaces of sharing, transmission, reflection, and even social cohesion thanks to the richness of their cultural offer.


This look back at the beginnings of the Foundation, which started its activities more than twenty years ago in conditions quite similar to those experienced by the small provincial circuses of the Vitelloni or La Strada, should remind everyone that great works such as Fellini's deserve such a commitment, because they never cease to enchant us through time.