From 11th to 26th May

Open from Wednesday to Sunday from 14h to 17h

Photographic exhibition - projections - installations

Works by students of the Atelier du regard - OC Cinéma Lycée-Collège des Creusets - Maturité Works

Cultural workshop with migrants

Photo mission to the United Nations Geneva

Opening on May 10 at 6pm

The Visions I exposition presented in 2017 at the Maison du diable had opened to the public the artistic work carried out for more than ten years by L'Atelier du regard, Cours Fac de cinéma et de photographie du Lycée-Collège des Creusets. A cultural programme integrating under-age migrants was inaugurated on this occasion. For the 2019 edition, this project has been renewed by associating two very successful mature works: an exposition of street photographs taken in various European cities by Guillaume Nguyen under the title "Adresse : la ville", as well as a short musical film about the Valais by Marie Aymon. This twenty-minute film was written and directed in correspondence with an anthology in homage to the Valais composed by the greatest authors such as Victor Hugo, Stendhal, Ramuz, Chappaz, S. Corinna Bille.


The Visions II exposition is interdisciplinary: it is an extension of the photo and video works of poems and a musical selection created by the students. The photographic work in a black and white laboratory is arranged around installations that play on the work of light.


Visions II will also be an opportunity to present a photo mission of the "Atelier du regard" carried out during the visit of the Lycée-Collège des Creusets in Geneva to the United Nations as part of the exposition Fellini Genius of humanity - A Tribute to Human Rights that the Fellini Foundation presented in its world premiere on February 18, 2019. The cultural integration programme open to underage migrants in the Visions II exposition is also an achievement in the spirit of the UN Pact on Migration.


At a time when the Fellini Foundation, in collaboration with its international partners, is developing a major programme of expositions dedicated to the Centenary of Fellini's birth, this exposition underscores our institution's commitment to the transmission of culture and artistic know-how to the younger generations, who are very conscious of belonging today to the common home, that of men of good will.