On April 19, the Foundation organized a conference on the benefits of art therapy in the rehabilitation of people who have suffered a stroke, as part of the official evening of the exhibition L'ULTIMA SCENA - Fellini's last drawings, in partnership with the Valais Hospital. This conference was given by Dr. Anna Cantagallo, neurologist who accompanied Federico Fellini after his stroke in August 1993, and by Dr. Christophe Bonvin, neurologist at the Valais Hospital. The numerous public had the opportunity to ask questions about art therapy to the two specialists and also to visit the new exhibition which will end on April 30th. 

Presence of Mr. State Councillor Mathias Reynard

Following the conference and the visit of the exhibition, the public attended a speech by Mr. State Councillor Mathias Reynard. The Head of the Department of Health and Culture underlined the importance of art and culture for the well-being of everyone and of art therapy in the context of rehabilitation. He then congratulated and thanked the Fellini Foundation for its excellent work for many years. "To have such a treasure in Valais is a blessing" he concluded.

The Fellini Foundation thanks all its partners and in particular the Hospital of Sion for having contributed to the success of this evening. 

The Foundation is very grateful to Dr. Anna Cantagallo and Dr. Christophe Bonvin for their contribution to the official evening. 

Finally, the Fellini Foundation thanks the State Councillor Mathias Reynard for his presence and his words.